Everyone is so focused on what resume format to use or what keywords to include, that 2 important resume rules are being over-looked. In fact, these 2 resume mistakes seem to be a huge pet peeve to hiring managers and recruiters.

1. Grammar Mistakes: All jobs require some sort of communication, whether it’s with customers, clients, or just within your office environment. Communication includes both written and verbal communication. A resume with poor grammar, run on sentences, and noun/pronoun disagreements can leave a bad impression and cost you a job opportunity.

2. Spelling Errors/Typos: All it takes is one spelling error or typo and the resume gets tossed aside. Sometimes I wonder if people use the spell check before saving their resume and even spell check doesn’t catch all of the errors. If your resume has spelling errors, what message are you giving about how you would do your job?

Proof read your resume after you do the spell/grammar check. Then have someone else look at it before you make it your final copy. Resumes are a marketing tool and represent who you are. Making grammar and spelling errors reflects on you and could come across to a hiring manager or recruiter as you being careless and lacking attention to detail.

A resume filled with errors doesn’t make for an effective marketing tool.

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