Many job seekers question whether job searching is beneficial during the holidays.  Since decision makers are taking time off and companies are reviewing year end budgets, a job seeker could think they should take time off from their job search during the holidays.

Job searching during the holidays could be very beneficial; here are 4 benefits to job searching during the holiday season.

  1. Some company departments feel pressed to fill job openings before the end of the year so they can obtain headcount and budgets.
  2. Many job seekers think holidays are a bad time of year to be job searching so they take a break. That could means less competition for those job seekers who continue to job search during the holiday season.
  3. Hiring managers take notice of those who are job searching during the holidays.  It shows how serious the job seeker is and could lead to a position for when they company starts hiring in the beginning of the year.
  4. During the holidays, companies may need to fill short term seasonal positions or may need coverage for employees who take time off during the holidays.  This is a great way for job seekers to get their foot in the door and possibly receive a full time opportunity.

With companies wanting to stay focused and on target with their goals in the New Year, the holidays could lead to some great opportunities for job seekers.  So take advantage of the holidays to job search, it could be your window of opportunity.