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I have 20+ years experience as a Recruitment Specialist and I want to help you learn the secrets and exclusive information, to finding a job.

Learn How To Job Search Using Recruiting Techniques

  • Create Your Own Resume – resources to help craft your wording, ways to find keywords, format styles, resume techniques, samples
  • LinkedIn – Learn how to use Advanced LinkedIn Strategies that your competition doesn’t know about
  • Review and Set up your LinkedIn Profile – tips and tricks on getting your profile seen by recruiters, found in searches and helping you to connect with the right people
  • How to find decision makers and get your information in front of them
  • Behind the scenes – undisclosed information on what hiring managers are looking for, HR processes, interviewing tactics, how recruiters are finding candidates and much more!

Virtual Job Search Training Sessions Include: Teleconferencing and Screen Sharing 

  • LinkedIn Strategies – basic and advanced strategies and techniques to stand out from your competition, my recruiting techniques when searching for candidates that you can use in your job search, making connections to build your network, compelling messages on why you are wanting to connect.
  • LinkedIn Profile – Learn how to optimize  your profile so you become more visible in search results and stand out from your competition.  Get your profile to be search engine optimized and be found more often. Become aware of all the areas on your LinkedIn profile and utilize each section.
  • More on LinkedIn – Keeping track of your connections, find out where your target people are hanging out on LinkedIn, how to get involved so you are getting noticed by others, how to organize your connections and find them easily, how to ensure you are staying on track with following up with connections.
  • Additional Resources for job searching – Where are recruiters, HR and managers looking for you besides LinkedIn, resources to find key words for your resume and LinkedIn profile, how to use similar search strings recruiters are using to find you, to find the job you are looking for.
  • Resume Writing I’ll share the resources I use when creating resumes, tips and tricks from my recruiting experience on resume writing and how to target your resume for each position you are applying to.  Includes cover letter tips as well.  Get samples of resumes and cover letters I created for clients.


  • 1 hour session: $150.00
  • 2 hour session: $225.00 (Discount of $75.00)

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