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Donation Based Job Search & Career Mentoring Services

In the last several months I have had the opportunity to use Cori’s expertise as a career coach & resume writer, and found the experience to be quite beneficial. Now my resume really brings out my work experience. The networking tips that Cori brought to my attention have really changed my job search approach. Cori’s personality is a huge plus.”

20+ years Recruitment Specialist shares the secrets and exclusive information, to finding a job in today’s challenging and competitive job market.


☑️ 20+ years of experience as a Headhunter/Recruiter
☑️ I work directly with Managers, Presidents, and Owners of companies, and I know what they are looking for.
☑️ I use the resources where you should have a profile and resume to be found.

Donation-Based Services

I offer Job Searching & Career Mentoring Services on a donation-based system where you pay what you think is appropriate and what you can afford.  Payments are made after the sessions.

Services Include 

☑️ Resume Writing Assistance
☑️ Creating & updating LinkedIn Profile
☑️ Where and how to look for jobs
☑️ Interview Prep
☑️ General Q & A about job searching

Who Is This Training For?

  • Individuals who are struggling with finding a job in today’s market.
  • Job seekers are sending dozens or more resumes a day, with little or no response.
  • College Graduates face the challenges of entering the workforce for the first time, competing with experienced job seekers.
  • Individuals that are re-entering job searching after many years don’t understand the new technology and processes of finding a job.
  • People who are already employed, looking to make a move and don’t know how to get their job search started.
  • Those who are getting interviews, but not the offers.
  • Those who are willing to put in the work and take action to go beyond the basics of job searching.

Learn How To Job Search Using Recruiting Techniques

Training & Coaching Topics

The Resume

    • Resources to help craft your wording.
    • Ways to find keywords
    • Resume techniques on how to be found
    • How to target your resume for each position you are applying to
    • Resume format styles
    • The Cover Letter
    • Samples of resumes

The Interview

    • What questions you should be asking
    • How to stand out from your competition
    • How to use company research in the interview
    • Follow-up techniques that can turn into a 2nd interview or job offer
    • Examples of feedback I get from hiring managers after interviews
    • How personality sometimes wins over skills and experience


    • Review and Setup your LinkedIn Profile
    • Learn how to optimize your profile so you become more visible in search results
    • Tips and tricks on getting your profile seen by recruiters, found in searches and helping to connect with the right people
    • Learn how to use Advanced LinkedIn Strategies that your competition doesn’t know about
    • How to find decision-makers and get your information in front of them
    • Recruiting techniques I use when searching for candidates, that you can use in your job search
    • Making connections to build your network and the benefits of being connected
    • Compelling messages on why you are wanting to connect
    • Find out where your target people are hanging out on LinkedIn
    • How to get involved so you are getting noticed by others

Additional Resources for job searching

    • Where are recruiters, HR, and managers looking for you besides LinkedIn
    • Resources to find keywords for your resume and LinkedIn profile
    • How to use similar search strings recruiters are using to find you, to find the job you are looking for.

Behind the scenes

    • Undisclosed information on what hiring managers are looking for
    • HR processes, interviewing tactics, how recruiters are finding candidates, and much more!

This Training does not guarantee you getting a job, however, I can guarantee the information I am sharing is not cookie-cutter information.  I’m sharing 20+ years of expertise in recruiting for big-name companies such as H.J. Heinz, Honeywell, and Siemens, as well as small to mid-sized organizations.  This is behind-the-scenes information based on what I experience, day in and day out when working with organizations helping them to identify, locate and hire employees.

The Program works if you put in the work and implement the strategies I share with you. I only accept serious inquiries

Call for a free consultation to see if my training is right for you.

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