Doesn’t it always seem easier to help someone else and offer guidance, than it is to help you? So a few months ago, I found myself as a job seeker. I was the person I’m always offering guidance to. I should probably practice what I preach if I really believe it works, I mean I am suggesting it to others.

July, 2009, after 4 years of pretty much steady work, I found myself unemployed for 2 months. At first I was like wow, this really stinks! (I may have used a different word) So the panic set in after 4 weeks, I was actually okay with having a few weeks to focus on some writing and make some updates to the site ( But after 4 weeks, c’mon, I wasn’t comfortable with that! Oh and I know, people end up being laid off for very long periods of time, I help those people.

The day that I found out my project was ending; I contacted some recruiting managers within the company I work. Letting them know I will be available. Then I emailed some contacts outside of the company letting them know my status. I used LinkedIn and my personal email to make those first contacts. After a few days, I updated my resume and posted it on, updated my profile on LinkedIn, and status on facebook. I am in several LinkedIn groups that are local to Pittsburgh, so I also sent a message with my skills and availability to the discussion boards. I updated my resume on my website and services that I offer. I made some great contacts and I was able to get some straight commission recruiting projects. I worked on a few and no nothing has come of them, but I was keeping up with my skills so to me it was worth it. I seriously enjoy what I do. I know it’s weird.

When I’m training and mentoring job seekers, I do teach a lot about LinkedIn and networking groups such as Networking works. I did a lot of networking with people I know, people I have worked with at previous positions, that know my work, and they’re great contacts to pass along my name. Your personal network should be the first to contact, they already know you and you will be surprised how many people you already know, that can be great networks.

With my resume, I made sure I put in certain keywords that I know would be searched for someone with my skills. Again, I search for people online as my job! Now I need to be searched for. Some of the keywords I used were recruiter, sourcing, recruiting, virtual, career coach, and resume writing. So something else I practice and preach is making sure my resume has the words that are mostly likely to be searched for.

Honestly, I was glad to know I practice what I preach, because how messed up would it be if I was guiding others on things even I wouldn’t do! It could be pretty funny too I guess. No, just kidding.

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