Whether you are looking to reduce debt, pay off your mortgage faster, or simply earn more money, this post is for you. We are going to discuss why you should have a side-gig, how to find a suitable one, and explore the vast amount of options that are waiting for you. If you are dreaming of switching jobs, but are scared to lose your income, a side-hustle might be the perfect answer for you. Especially in the lockdown state, having more than one job is way safer than relying on one source of getting paid. 

Why Should I Want A Second Job?

There are various reasons to do this, and all of them are valid. Perhaps your full-time is paying your bills but is unable to fuel your ambitions and desires. Do you want to save up for an important event, such as opening a business or savings account? Are you trying to secure your future financially? If you have the time and most of us working 40-hour workweeks do, an additional job may do it. By working more, you can explore new venues for your future career, try out a new sort of job( such as switching from your office job to working from home), and get a taste of a completely different experience.

About 50 million Americans work a job besides their full-time, ranging from various freelance endeavors to just simply driving the cab on the weekends. Whatever your options are, we guarantee that you can find the one that suits you best. 

But I Don’t Know What To Try…

What is your passion, or a skill that you have been developing, outside of your day-job? Do you paint, sing, or do nerdy research online? If you are a creative individual, you may try putting out your content in the world, and see if there’s a demand for it. Perhaps your singing will be craved by one of the bars in the neighborhood, and you can do the evenings on the weekends or even weekdays, after your main job. Have you always been willing to spend time with kids? Possibly, a babysitting job may be a great fit for you. Plenty of parents would be relieved to let another responsible adult handle their children for a couple of hours or days.

Want To Be Flexible? Try Online

Many of the traditional jobs have started going online with all of the events of 2020. Your expertise is still required but in a new kind of way. Instead of driving to an office or meeting with a client, all of that can be accomplished online. If the task can be done on a computer, you can stay home and find a job that will let you do just that.


Online teaching is booming, and becoming one of the most prominent side-jobs in the whole world. Teachers really appreciate the opportunity to work online, one of the lucky professions who are relevant more than ever in the corona times.

If you are one of those who would like to try the job of providing education without the commitment to a full-time schedule, this is the perfect chance. No matter which language you know, and what is your specialty, you can probably teach that online! 

Japanese website fukugyonavi.com has published a list of teacher jobs for those who want to work online. And it’s not limited to those who speak  Japanese or English as it states. Whatever your language and curriculum are, there are opportunities for you. If you are an expert in teaching computer science [insert any other subject], and you are native in Hindi [basically any language], you can teach that online, in Hindi! 

Freelance/Project Work

Many businesses don’t need a graphic design expert 5 days a week for years on end. But some, all of a sudden require an expert to work on a project for a few weeks or months. And that’s where you come in! If you have a specialty that’s applicable on a one-time kind of basis, go for it! You may find a lot of work on popular websites for freelancers, such as Fiverr

You should put up a good resume, show a portfolio of work, and boom, you have got your first client. And you are not going to sell yourself short. Experts can charge a good amount of money, depending on their skills and the urgency of the job. Find what your strengths are, and put them up online. The perfect job can be found if you know where to look for it.