When we were little, it was quite easy to answer a simple question like: “What do you want to do when you grow up?”, but as we grow older we realize the world is a much bigger place, open to so many great career possibilities. Having a career that’s interesting and unique, can often have a great impact on a person’s life. Nowadays people are no longer interested to just fit into some social expectations, it became more important to find a role that defines them.

These unusual career choices can often be very profitable, but still, include lots of creativity and willingness to be open for changes. Some of these unusual careers can be very unorthodox, filled with an adventurous spirit or even be dangerous.



Picture source: https://winefolly.com/update/wine-jobs-an-overview-of-careers-salaries/

This is one of the most interesting career choices you can make, and probably one of the most profitable ones in the wine industry. A sommelier, or otherwise called wine steward, is in charge of everything that includes business’ wine collections. If you have any questions or you need a simple recommendation about your wine selection, you can just ask a sommelier. A wine steward is there to help you pick a perfect wine that will pair with your desired meal.

This unusual career choice often includes traveling to vineyards to identify wine, work with restaurant chefs, looking after wine cellars and many other obligations. Everyone who loves wine would probably love to work as a sommelier for even just one day.

Bounty Hunter

You’ve probably heard about this profession though action movies or TV series, but there are people that actually chose bounty hunting as their daily career (https://www.bountyhunteredu.org/what-is-a-bounty-hunter/). This type of job is very delicate, as it requires a lot of effort and often many dangerous situations. Their only goal is to arrest bail jumpers, and sometimes bounty hunters have greater authority than the police.

This is definitely a dangerous job description, but still, it provides a lot of money. Of course, it all depends on how great is the crime that fugitive committed.

Waterslide Tester


Even though it might sound silly, this is a very specific and yet dangerous career choice. Before putting it public, every amusement park or hotel needs to make a quality-control checkup. Every water slide needs to be perfectly safe and fun as much as possible. Waterslide tester checks on different things like how long will take one ride down the slide, or how much water is in the slide. This test is done several times, so they can provide a correct report and see if there are any performance issues.

As you can imagine, this positions are quite limited and have a great number of highly competitive workers. After all, this is an amazing career choice!

Professional gambler

Many people love being where the action is and we can all agree that there is never a dull moment when it comes to gaming and gambling. Whether you play card games, slots or online casino games, you must admit that is quite entertaining. On the other hand, many people probably wouldn’t suggest picking a professional gambler as a career choice. This is a very unusual path, but we can’t deny a presence of a great number of people that successfully became gamblers with profitable careers.

One of the most attracting things about this type of job is big wins. Everybody would like to become a millionaire overnight, and this is probably the only career that actually can bring you that kind of money.

There are, of course, some downsides of being a professional gambler, such as bigger exposure to all sorts of vices, disrespect from a community for having that unusual job title, constant moving in search for favorable conditions, and at the end having discomfort due to your religious beliefs.

There are many unusual career choices all around the world. Nowadays is easy to do anything you imagine, it’s only up to you to choose it!