Only recently, Job Searching Strategies tackled mobile apps that allow you to search for your dream job. These tools can even send your resume over to target companies. This technology is now bringing you closer to your ideal job, but the same cannot be said for online degrees. In truth, employers are still skeptical of online degrees, and this certainly presents a challenge for students that went down this route.

So to counter any issues you may have, here are some of the best ways to get your target job with only an online degree:

Highlight your program’s accreditations

It goes without saying that completing an online program that is accredited and recognized nationwide is very important. WTOP notes that there are already firms that put stock in graduates that studied via online courses, so long as they are fully accredited. They say it shows that the students have a strong work ethic and the determination to succeed.

In fact, many accredited online programs are held in high regard. Courses like Business Administration, Management Information Technology, and Project Management provide necessary qualifications that give graduates an edge in their career. For instance, online degrees in Business Administration include a blend of online tutoring and experience in the field. Maryville University points out that Management Information Technology teaches skills applicable in any IT field because it deals with topics like network data security and systems analysis. While the IT industry is extremely vast, courses like this help prepare graduates with a varied skill set invaluable in today’s fast-paced world of Information Technology. Meanwhile, Project Management allows graduates to enter a wide variety of industries from marketing and social events to construction. These are just some of the courses that companies put a premium on due to their broad scope and technical aspects.

Use brand recognition to your advantage

College Raptor advises using your school’s brand recognition to help you get noticed from other candidates. Check which industries or fields of expertise are mostly associated with the educational institution. A perfect example is Harvard, which is known for its law degrees, and producing the highest caliber graduates. The same principle applies to online degrees. When potential employers scan your resume, the quality of the university you attended will grab their attention. Of course, that’s not to say you’re at a disadvantage if you got your degree from an exclusively online college. You just might have to make a stronger argument to prove that you are capable of succeeding.


Leverage all relevant hands-on experience in your program

Many of the most in-demand degrees include field experience as part of their curriculum. When applying and during interviews, highlight internships or summer jobs that you entered while studying. The majority of employers give high marks for candidates who already have hands-on experience. It gives you an advantage over the competition and proves that you have what it takes to perform well in the position.

Author: Bella Ava