If you are the recent graduate, you should not waste your time procrastinating at home and waiting till the huge company offers you an amazing position. It is time for you to prepare the good CV that mentions all your successes. How to do it? Well, we have prepared an amazing article on the best seven resume writing tips for recent graduates. Are you interested? Then keep on reading!

  1. Include the Professional-Looking Email

You need to understand that if you wish to get a serious position, everything about you needs to look serious as well. And by everything, we mean your email as well. No way can it sound like “livelovelaugh@gmail.com”! If you do not have a proper email with your name and surname, get one – thankfully, it is free! You represent yourself in the working world, and the email that sounded funny in your college years is not appropriate for your employer. No one forbids you to use the old email on a regular basis, however, get used to the fact that from now on, you will use the new one for the job-seeking activities.

  1. Include the Link to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an amazing huge platform that helps both employers and employees make a right decision. First of all, you need to take care of your profile and make sure it contains absolutely all the information about your studies, internships, volunteer and work experience. Second of all, you need to include the link to your profile into the CV you are showing to your employer. By the way, it would be even more amazing if you customized your profile for the position you are applying to. It means that you have to focus on the skills required for the position.

  1. Do not Mention High School

No employer cares about what school you studied at. Basically, the employers are not interested in the activities you participated in during more than last four years. Mention the university, but skip the school. School is the place where you get a general knowledge – who needs to know where exactly you got it? The perfect resume for a recent college graduate will have no mentioning of high school.

  1. If You Risk to Skip a Lot of Information, Let Your Resume Be Two Pages

There is the old opinion that the good CV has to be no longer than one page. Well, what if you are a graduate but already have a huge experience? You are not supposed to skip all that only to fit on one page! That is why we recommend you to be short and simple, however, if you see that you need to use the second page, do it! Three pages are too much, of course. That is why you will have to remember that you still have limits.

  1. Double Check Your Resume So That There Are No Typos

When your CV is ready, do not forget to proofread it carefully because no employer will be chuffed by seeing a couple of mistakes. You will not prove to anyone that it is simply a typo – your employer would think that you are illiterate instead. Proofreading is important for all the types of works written by you that other people are going to see. However, if you do not have time for it and need help with research paper, visit our website and forget about academic troubles.

  1. Do Not Focus on the Design Much – the Content Is Much More Important

Stop thinking about the design of your resume too much – it is not as important as the content is. Who will care about the complicated design when s/he does not understand what exactly you did in the previous position of the chief widget maker? Have a look at the recent resume samples of your fellow graduates – they are simple and black-and-white. Do not try to be super creative in the design of your resume especially if you apply for the ordinary job like an office manager. If you wish to apply for the job of the artist, of course, you should show your creativity.

  1. Customize Your Resume for the Particular Job

No one asks you to change your CV completely, but it has to fit in the job you are applying for. If you wish to try yourself in different types of jobs, you will have to customize your resume for each. The perfect college graduate resume will contain all the necessary skills required for the job. We even recommend you to google the needed skills and write all of them down. Do several resumes for each position depending on the number of jobs you are applying for.