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Even by definition, social media is not expected to be a place where you can find a job. It is also not expected to play any significant role in such a serious task as looking for a job. However, as the world changes, social media has occupied one of the most important positions in life in a way that no one thought possible.

Social media is the way to go for corporate and brands. Brands are using social media to test their products and get feedback. Employers have also turned to social media as a vital source of background information. They can view your attitude, engagements and social personality for use in determining suitability for a position.

Background Checks

Employers are also using social media to find qualified persons for a position. This is through personal profiles on such platforms as LinkedIn where people indicate their competencies and qualifications. While the employers are using these channels it is up to the job seeker to go to such a platform to market his skills.

There are many social media updates and posts that many people would not like to be seen by their employers or potential employers. Experts also argue that social media is not an accurate judge of character and might not give an accurate assessment. However, present-day realities indicate that this platform must be used for such purposes. There are persons whose social media character differs from what you encounter in real life. In such a case, there is the likelihood of having a wrong judgment of character, causing the employer to lose a talented employee.


Social media is not just being used as the source of background information. Employers are using their social media pages to advertise positions and also seek recommendations. This is a quick, convenient and sure way of getting qualified persons to fill certain positions. Considering the centrality of social media, it would be expected that as many people would see the advert as would if it was put on mainstream media or the brand website.

Companies or employers looking for particular skills are using social media to ask for recommendations. They aim to utilize their networks to capture the best skills in the market. In fact, many have gotten jobs and employers gotten top talents in this way. This makes social media a very reliable channel when searching for employment or top talent in the market.

How to Use Social Media to Get a Job

The fact that you are on social media is not a guarantee that you will get a job. It is your activities on social media that determine whether you get the job or not. How can us utilize social media to secure employment?

  • Display your expertise- social media gives you access to the most incredible audience you can imagine. With people looking for credible information on the internet, you can become their reliable source. If you understand cars, share your expert opinion on them. As an economist, your projections and analysis are important. Friends will begin to consult you or refer their friends to you. When an employer searches your profile and reads your insight, they will promptly hire you.
  • Blogging- employment can be self, even though it is based on a particular brand. With credible information about companies and brands are in high demand. Companies and brands are building relationships with bloggers to promote their brands. The use of influencers is on the rise as a marketing tool. These are easy and rewarding channels to earn a living by blogging using social media.
  • Use social media to learn about companies, their culture, and products- employers use social media to know about potential employees. This can be turned around and presented as an opportunity to learn about the company. Read their profile on brands and master their culture. By the time you get to the interview, you will have all the information they require.

Social media is a tool for self-expression. Many people consider it a social platform that should not be converted into an official measure of character or fitness for particular positions. While this is true, it is inevitable to embrace the new role of social media in corporate operations. Your activities will either be a good advocate or stop you from getting the job you desire.

Evidently, social media can be a source of employment, a vetting tool or a platform for self-employment. In fact, there are features on social media that make the platform ideal for job search and employment. The fact that people can share your content widely means that you will gain popularity in a flash. This exposure will make it easy to get a job. Social media accounts are free. This means that your job search is not resource intensive. It relies solely on personal initiative.

Author’s bio: Amber Wilson is an experienced writer, editor, and consultant for thesisrush and termpapereasy companies. Among her core interests are music, education, technologies and funny kittens videos.