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Having a target company in mind prior to graduating college or leaving the current company is quite common for many of us. But with the extreme competition in the job market today, landing on that much-desired position of yours can be a real challenge, and sometimes, being unnoticed by your target company can leave you frustrated and even more stressed.

That said, there are still some practical yet often unobserved tactics that you can employ today to ensure that you draw the attention of the hiring manager to your profile.

In summary, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below which reveals the different secrets that you can easily implement to get noticed by your target company or organization today.

  1. Prepare all the information about your target company and the job opening you are applying for.
  2. Connect and engage with your target company through a different media such as on their blogs and LinkedIn profile.
  3. Network with key people inside the company that is relevant and can influence your job application.
  4. Secure an internal recommendation from the inside employees you managed to network with.
  5. Establish your value by giving actionable solutions to problems that your potential team is currently facing.
  6. Ask questions that are relevant to your job.
  7. Go beyond a simple thank you letter: Give the hiring manager a token of appreciation that is related to their interest.
  8. Apply through recruitment firms.

Jobseekers Guide to Getting Noticed by Your Target Company-01 (1)

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