So you’ve got a big job interview coming up and you feel butterflies in your stomach. It’s perfectly natural to feel a bit nervous before you go for your interview, but you do not have to stay stressed and ruin your job interview. If you are feeling knots in your stomach, or if your heart and mind are racing and you find yourself being short of breath, that’s sure signs you are nervous. Well, getting rid of these symptoms is not difficult and the first place to start is with your head.

According to experts anxiety comes from the fear of not knowing what is about to happen, it’s the fear of the unknown. Even though you may be fully prepared for your job interview, yet you might find yourself slowly giving over to fear and anxiety. The good news is that this nervousness can be overcome and you can go for your job interview perfectly calm and relaxed. Here are a few tips you can use to calm those nerves before heading out to your job interview.

1. Relax and Be Positive

Positive self talk can really help especially when you are preparing to go for a job interview. Say things like, “I can do it”, “I’m prepared for this interview”, “I’m positive I will ace this interview”. Keep speaking positive and you will begin to feel more confident and less stressed and nervous about the interview. You also need to relax and breathe deeply, this will help calm your nerves and help you get rid of the anxiety. Take about 10 slow, deep breaths and you will find yourself being slowly relaxed. For deep breathing, you will need to take a slow deep breath with your nose till your lungs are full and you cannot take in more air, then breath out slowly through your mouth.

2. Take A Walk And Visualize Success

Begin to see yourself successful, if you don’t believe you will get the job, then you most likely won’t get it. Visualize yourself bagging the job and enjoying the interview. Remember you are not on trial here, it’s a job interview and you have applied for the job because you believed and you know that you are qualified for the job. Take a nice walk in the park or garden and relax. You don’t have to work out a sweat trying to walk, but just relax and enjoy the walk.

3. Be Prepared

Nothing is worse than going for an interview unprepared. Being prepared will help release the tension in your mind and help you relax. Be aware of your strengths and you will be in a better position to get yourself selected for the job. Know your strength and see where you can excel. Being prepared does not only mean for the actual interview but as for the journey to the place of the interview as well. Plan your route in advance and take into account any traffic problems that you could encounter. Get to the place early enough but not too early.

4. Eat Light And Cool Off

Don’t eat a heavy meal before your interview and definitely do not eat foods that leave a pungent smell in your mouth, a fresh salad is a good idea. Carry a bottle of water to help rejuvenate your body. It’s best to avoid coffee as it actually gives you the “jitters”.

5. Chill Out And Be Positive

If you are sweating when you arrive for the interview, quickly go to the wash room and freshen up. Run cold water on your wrists and dab it behind your ears, this will help cool you blood and relax.

Once you are at the interview, relax, be positive and take things as they come. Don’t rush your responses and remain calm even if it seems you are not doing well.

About the Author: Spencer Jacobs is the Director of – a London Recruitment Agency with a mature outlook and an innovative approach. Spencer provides expert advice and professional help for businesses that need to fill business and administrative roles for offices in London and Hertfordshire.

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