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The job hunt today requires  job seekers to be creative and consistent with their process in trying to get noticed.  I often hear job seekers say that they applied for jobs, but then, they just play the waiting game.   It’s like playing the lottery.  Maybe your resume, out of hundreds of other resumes, will get noticed and you will get a call. Maybe you won’t.  Here are a few simple and creative job search techniques that can help you rise above your competition:

  • After you apply for a job, research the possible hiring manager on LinkedIn and contact them directly. Unfortunately, hiring managers don’t get to see “all” of the resumes that are coming in.  Human Resources or recruiters, are screening them as they come in and if they happen to miss your resume or feel it’s not right for the job, it’s passed over.  You have nothing to lose by trying to contact the manager yourself and confirm they received your resume.
  • Try doing a search for older job postings, such as 30+ days ago.  If these jobs are still open, then the company could be having difficulty finding someone and your chances of getting noticed could increase. If the job was filled, maybe that person is not working out or they quit already.  Your timing could be just right by applying to a job later rather than sooner.
  • Be consistent, it will pay off in the end.  Follow up after applying for a job, check company websites on a weekly basis for new job postings and follow companies on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn,  to stay up to date on job listings.

These are the same techniques I use when I’m recruiting or marketing for new job openings.  A great quote to keep in mind when you are conducting your job search:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

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