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” Until you get used to the changes, being a new mom can wear you out. It can also make working outside of the home a bit more difficult than you expected. Many mothers are very creative and entrepreneurial with their new found time at home, and revel in their ability to earn money while staying home with their new bundle of joy. You may be surprised at the variety of opportunities there are for you to work from home.

  1. Bilingual Technical Advisor – If you have skills in technical support and are fluent in a second language, you may want to consider becoming a technical support advisor. There are positions available for day, evening and overnight shifts, depending on the company you work for. Businesses need tech advisors to help keep thing running smoothly around the clock, and often find that hiring telecommuters is more efficient than maintaining on-site call centers.
  2. CEO/Executive Director – Usually when you think of a CEO or ED, you imagine someone in a corner office with a spectacular view. Now, thanks to the Internet and advances in technology, you can run an organization or company from the comfort of your home. If you enjoy a challenge, have the qualifications and experience necessary for the position and you know how to keep the lines of communication open, it’s definitely worth looking into.”

You can read the rest of the article by going to: http://www.liveinnanny.org/blog/10-legitimate-work-from-home-opportunities-for-new-moms/

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