In all of the years I have been recruiting and helping job seekers with strategies and tips, it seems the past 5 years have become such a difficult time period for those looking for a job. When I go onto Google and put in the search words “job search help”, over 1 million results come up for that topic.

Are there too many cooks in the kitchen today when it comes to job search advice and help? My answer is YES! Just the other day I was having a conversation with a job seeker who mentioned they spoke with a job search coach, and that the coach said they were doing everything right. Putting keywords on their resume, making connections on LinkedIn and networking. I asked the job seeker, “did the job search coach mention anything to you about following up after applying for a job?” The answer was no, as a matter of fact, they did not mention that. Really? How is it a job search coach is not telling a job seeker to follow up? That’s probably one of the most effective ways to get yourself noticed and get ahead of your competition.

So who are all of these job search coaches and resume writers? A lot of them are people who go and take classes to get certified and learn all the cookie cutter techniques only to turn around and relay the information in their own words. Some are Psychologists and Therapists adding their opinions based on articles they are reading or training they are getting.

There are so many general job searching tips and techniques being written about, even I’m getting bored with some of the articles. It’s the same information over and over again in different words and job seekers are still getting the same frustrating results of not getting contacted for an interview.

Quote: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

Job searching is more than a full time job today and it requires job seekers to be creative and consistent with their process in trying to get noticed. It’s not any different than what I do full time as a recruiter, which is trying to find the right match, how to get a hold of the person and then to find a way to talk with them. Just because someone has all the keywords on their resume that I’m looking for, doesn’t mean they are qualified for the job.

When I’m looking for guidance, I go to those who have experience in the area I need help with. Just because someone is certified or highly educated, doesn’t mean the information you are getting is the best information you should be receiving.

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