Is your resume up-to-date? Have you added in viable character references that will help you in your current job search? You want to make the most of your qualifications, as well as promote your good character through your past work relationships. Here are some great ways to accentuate your social skills in today’s social networking world.

Join a Professional Networking Site Online

By joining a professional networking site online you can start to network your professional attributes. You can create an online presence, get help with your resume layout, and then post your resume online. Best of all, your friends and colleagues can vouch for you. Another great thing about creating a professional presence online is that you can join groups that share your qualifications or interests. It’s imperative with today’s job search to speak up for yourself, even online. There may be recruiters scanning these groups and that’s a possible job lead for you.

Career Fairs

Another option to help you with your social networking skills is to attend career fairs in your area. You want to introduce yourself as a prospective employee even before an interview. You’re there to hand out your resume, shake hands, and get your name on any interview signups. Be proactive and persistent. Your next step is to call back and remind them you are very interested in an interview.

Mock Interviews

Participating in mock interviews can really boost your confidence. Ask your past co-workers to help you out by pretending to interview you. They have worked with you and will hopefully give you and honest critique. Work on any areas you feel your lacking, whether it’s eye contact, articulation, or professional attitude. You could even video tape a mock interview and watch yourself, then make any improvements in your social behavior.


Volunteering is probably one of the best socially acceptable forms of networking your skills. Get out there and volunteer those skills. Even it’s at the local library, school, or public event. Go with someone you know that will be able to introduce you to others. Meet people and share that you’re current looking for a job. Ask if they know of any companies that are possibly hiring.  Also, by volunteering you have yet another important item to add to your resume.     


Whether you know how to network or not, you can always improve on your skills and relationships when you are searching for the perfect job. There are plenty of resources and tools available to you to help you reach out and network correctly without ruining your existing relationships. Practice and learn how to do it right.

Author Bio: Linda Hildebrant is the Associate Director of Internet Marketing for She has had several years of experience in teaching people how to build their resumes. If you’re looking for help building a resume, check out the free resume builder from

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