There are many benefits to temporary jobs. The world of temporary work can be educational and exciting, and it can also open your eyes to many companies and industries that you may not have known existed. Working in temporary positions allows you to see what sorts of jobs are out there and gives you ideas on where to focus your energy when looking for permanent employment.  And sometimes temporary jobs turn into permanent positions!

Can’t Find Permanent Work?
Working in a temporary job is an ideal way to earn money while you are looking for a permanent position. Especially in a down economy, temporary jobs are always available. One reason for the supply of temporary jobs in a non-thriving economy is that companies still need workers but they are reluctant to hire permanent employees.

Do You Like to Shop Around When it Comes to Employment?
There is no better way to test whether you will like working in a particular industry or for a specific company other than working in a temporary position. Temp jobs are excellent resources for testing the waters and deciding if you would like to work somewhere for an extended period of time.

Temporary Jobs Allow for Flexibility
If you are a person who likes to have summers off, a temporary job may be perfect for you. If you know from the get-go that your job is only supposed to last for a certain number of months, you can plan your personal time around the job’s start and end date.

Start Temporary and End Permanent
One of the most popular reasons that people look for and accept temporary positions is that they hope they will like the temporary job and that it will eventually convert into a permanent position. Many jobs are advertised as “Temp-to-Perm” because employers want to evaluate their temps for several months before offering permanent employment.

If you are a person who wants to convert a temporary job into a permanent position, there are many ways to increase your chances of success. Following are some tips on how to achieve your Temp-to-Perm goals:

  • Focus on Specific Temporary Agencies: While it is possible to find Temp-to-Perm jobs using various methods, the easiest way is to use a temporary staffing agency to find work. Make sure to choose an agency that focuses specifically on the occupation or industry in which you are interested or educated.
  • Tell the Temp Agency Your Career Goals: Some individuals who seek the help of temporary agencies to find employment specifically want temporary positions that will never turn permanent and others want temporary positions that have a strong possibility of turning permanent. If you are intent on finding a Temp-to-Perm job, let the agency know.
  • Go In With a Great Attitude: When starting a new temporary position, do so with the best attitude possible. As a temp, you will play an important role in getting essential work completed for the company, and those who are supervising you will notice your dedication and work-ethic.
  • Don’t Complain: Even if you are not happy with the work that is given to you, don’t complain about it. The company chose you because they need someone to get the work done, not so that they can hear you complain that the work is monotonous or boring.
  • Ask for More Work: If you find that you are able to complete your assigned tasks quickly, don’t just sit at your desk and wait until the day is done. Ask your supervisor for more work.
  • Dress Appropriately: If you are assigned to a temporary position in an office, do not show up for work wearing sweatpants and an old T-shirt. It’s important to make a good impression with your clothing.
  • Use Your Networking Skills While on a Temporary Assignment: It’s a good idea to try and get to know your temporary supervisor and others working in the office while completing your temporary job. Use your interpersonal skills to let others know that you enjoy your temporary role and that you hope it becomes permanent.
  • If It Doesn’t Turn Permanent, Move On: Not all temporary jobs will become permanent – even if they are originally advertised as Temp-to-Perm. If a temporary job ends, it is a good idea to leave the job on good terms and without burning any bridges.



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