U.S. News published an article on AOL titled: 9 Ways To Tap Into The Hidden Job Market

The “hidden job market” refers to job openings that are not posted or not even available yet.  A perfect example of the hidden job market:  I am recruiting for a client in Ohio who has multiple locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania and I identified a candidate who is a great fit, except he is making more money than what the position pays.  He expressed such an interest in the company and told me he would be open to some of the other locations, so I forwarded his resume and information to be seen by the other locations.  It ends up that there’s an “upcoming” position in PA that matches his skill set and salary requirements and the client is very interested in speaking with him about that role.  The position is not open yet, there are no job postings, yet he is having a phone interview for this “hidden” job opening. 

Here are a few tips the article provides on tapping into the hidden job market:

  1. Connect with your network before you apply for positions.
  2. Encourage your network by making it easy for them to help you.
  3. Keep track and follow up

Read the full article: 9 Ways To Tap Into The Hidden Job Market

There are many hidden jobs out there, so be persistent and keep building those networking relationships.  You never know when you will be lucky enough to stumble upon a great hidden job opportunity.

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