Job searching has become more frustrating than ever before with online job searching and computers screening out resumes.

11+ years Sourcing Recruiter, Cori Swidorsky, shares proven resume writing techniques and strategies to stand out over your competition and to get noticed!

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Learn 7 strategies to get your resume  noticed online and find out what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for when sourcing for candidates.  Cori shares inside recruiting techniques with job seekers to stand out from their competition.

Some of the topics include:

  • How to Write a Powerful Resume
  • Resume Formats…is there a right or wrong format?
  • 12 Things to Leave Off of Your Resume
  • The Importance of Keywords
  • Close the Unemployment Gap
  • Create a Resume for Every Job You Apply To
  • Free Online Resume Builders
  • How to Get Your Resume Noticed Online (7 Strategies)
  • Job Stability – Why it’s important
  • Powerful Resume Phrases
  • Action Verbs by Skill Set
  • Cover Letter Sample
  • Resume Samples
  • Job Search Resources