Over the last 6 months, I noticed a trend with job seekers.  That trend is being stuck in the resume rut.  So much pressure has been put on resumes especially because of all the competition out there.  Some of those pressures include:

  • What is the right resume format?
  • What keywords should be used in a resume?
  • Is it necessary to create a resume for every job?
  • How will the resume stand out over everyone else’s?
  • Will the resume come up on a keyword search?
  • Objective, branding statement or personal summary?

The list of resume pressures can go on and on.  Those are just a few of the pressures I hear from job seekers all the time when it comes to a resume.  The resume is extremely important in the job search process, but getting caught up and confused and pulled in a million directions to create a resume, takes time away from going after the job.  Job seekers who are stuck in a resume rut are doing nothing else besides trying to create the “perfect” resume.  Guess what?  The resume will not get you a job.  You can have all the bells and whistles and pay hundreds of dollars on having a resume created and still not get any job offers or even interviews.

While some job seekers are getting caught up in resumes, others are on LinkedIn making connections, being active in industry related groups and networking events and getting job offers.  It’s all about positioning yourself to be hired, whether you are actively seeking or positioning yourself for your future.

Don’t let the piece of paper referred to as your “resume” keep you from moving forward in your job search.  It’s great to get advice and opinions from friends, family and others in your network, but too many conflicting responses will hold you back from creating an excellent marketing tool.

The resume is one part of your job search and as I mentioned earlier, a very important part, but it’s not “the most” important part of your job search.  The reason I think it’s not the most important part is because I hear plenty of stories from co-workers over the past 11 years recruiting and you would be shocked to know how many people get hired without a resume.  It’s all through word of mouth, referrals, networking and the resume was only used as part of the hiring process.

If you are in a resume rut, it’s time to get out.  Make a decision on how to create your resume, get it done, make sure your LinkedIn profile is just as dynamic as your resume and start moving forward.

In fact, I’ll even help you. Email me your resume for a free resume consultation where I provide you feedback to help you create your own professional resume. Cori Swidorsky: cori.recruiter@gmail.com

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