When I first started recruiting in 1992, the main resource for job searching was the newspaper.  Times sure have changed since then.  In fact, due to the extensive amount of available job search resources, the newspaper is not being utilized as much by job seekers.

Job seekers should use as many job search resources as possible.  The more resources being tapped into, the more available opportunities and the better chance of being hired.

Here is a list of 12 job search resources to help you find your next job.

  1. Personal contacts
  2. School career planning and placement offices
  3. Employers career websites
  4. Classified ads (National and local newspapers, professional journals, trade magazines)
  5. Internet resources
  6. Professional associations
  7. Labor unions
  8. State employment service offices
  9. Federal Government
  10. Community agencies
  11. Employment agencies and career consultants
  12. Internships

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