Yahoo Finance posted an article that lists 10 States with extremely low unemployment rates.  These states have a good mix of industries, natural resources, and skilled workers which have them coming in much lower than 9.5% national unemployment rate.

The top 5 States with the lowest unemployment rate include:

  1. North Dakota – Unemployment rate is 3.6%.  Major industries include agriculture, petroleum, food processing, and tourism.
  2. South Dakota – Unemployment rate is 4.4%.  Major industries include the service sector, primarily retail, health and finance.  Ellsworth Air Force Base is the 2nd largest single employer in South Dakota and agriculture is a major contributor to it’s economy.
  3. Nebraska – Unemployment rate is 4.7%.  Major industries include agriculture, freight transport, telecommunications, manufacturing, and information technology.
  4. New Hampshire – Unemployment rate is 5.8%.  Major industries include agriculture such as dairy, cattle, and apples.  The state also produces machinery, rubber, electric equipment, and plastic.  During the winter, many tourists head to this state for it’s ski slopes.
  5. Vermont – Unemployment rate is 6.0%.  Farming is the driving force behind Vermont’s economy which includes logging and dairy production.  Other industries helping the economy are manufacturing, insurance, and tourism.

See the full article listing all 10 States

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