If you are thinking about utilizing a recruiter during your job search, understanding the different types of job recruiters is important so you can find the right type of recruiter to help you land that dream job.

Here are 3 types of recruiters:

1.  Contingency Recruiters: Sometimes referred to as headhunters, usually work for a staffing agency and can be self-employed. These recruiters work with various employers to try and fill their job openings with the best candidate. The positions tend to be permanent, direct hire or contract. Contingent recruiters are paid a fee by the employer only if the candidate they present is hired.

2.  Corporate Recruiters:  Work directly for a company and are usually part of the human resources department. Corporate recruiters can be salaried or contract employees of the hiring company.  If you are looking to target specific companies, try doing a search for recruiters that work directly for that company and get connected to the.

3.  Retained Recruiters:  Typically are used for senior level positions. Companies will pay retained recruiters a fee upfront for their services and the recruiters continue to work on the position until the company hires someone or decides to stop using the recruiter.

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