It’s not easy trying to describe ourselves when on an interview.  We wonder what exactly are they looking for us to say?  Is my answer going to sound too generic?  What if my response isn’t related to the type of person they are looking for?

So many questions and anxiety arise when on an interview and we are asked “what are three words that describe you?”

When answering this question, you want to respond with the word and follow it up with an example.  Below are three different examples of how you might respond to this question on an interview.

  • The first is hard working.  Anyone I work with would say that I do whatever it takes to get the job done efficiently and effectively.  Second is team player because I excel in an environment that is supportive and work together.  Last would be knowledgeable about the recruiting industry.  Through my 11 years of experience, I have a strong background in all phases of recruiting.


  • Reliable.  I always meet my deadlines.  Friendly.  I have a positive, upbeat attitude.  And thorough.  I am always trying to get it right the first time.


  • First would be expert on the subject of recruiting.   Second would be communicator, because I talk with anyone I come in contact with.  Third would be organized because I always have a schedule planned out.

Think about ways you would describe yourself and write it down.  Then break down the list into one word descriptions of yourself and a short answer on why you would use that word to describe you.

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