That’s right.  There is good news for all of you job seekers out there. 

  • Earn 15% more
  • Land a full time job
  • Fill in the gaps on your resume
  • Expand your network

Those bullet points seem like good news to me.  Temporary employment is a hot topic these days and can lead you into your next full time career.

I recently wrote an article called How to make temporary jobs work for you which talks about how in the last 6 months, the temporary employment trend has increased and can be a huge benefit for job seekers today.

Earn 15% more:  It’s being said that people working temporary jobs are making 15% more an hour, so although it’s only a temporary position, the increase in pay I’m sure could benefit many job seekers even if it is short term.

Land a full time job:  Many temporary projects turn into full time jobs and even though this is not always the case, it’s a great way to try out different jobs and companies to help you focus in your job search.  When you are working a temp position a company is able to evaluate you and your work.  If a full time position becomes available while you are temping for that company, you just may land yourself a full time position when you didn’t expect it.

Fill in the gaps on your resume:  With competition in the job seeking arena the less gaps on your resume the better.  Working temporary positions can help fill in the gaps on your resume, keep your skills up, and show that you are not one to sit around waiting for a job to land in your lap.

Expand your network:  Temping could be one of the best and easiest ways for you to expand your network.  It’s an opportunity to work with other people that you probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with.  You are able to examine and learn from others who are successful in their position and others are able to pass your name along to hiring managers, whether it’s in the company you are temping for or other companies that are hiring.

If you are a job seeker, now is the time to take advantage of temporary job opportunities.  You can search Indeed Jobs and find thousands of opportunities to break into this new trend.

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