Freelancing has become more and more attractive lately, especially for those who are unemployed.

Freelancing not only can help you become more marketable, but you may find that it’s more rewarding working as a full time freelancer.

So who’s freelancing?

One area of freelance that is pretty hot is web content freelance writing.   You don’t have to be an expert writer, but you do need to know about “something” and be able to communicate it  in a way that others can understand.    You can find web content freelance jobs at a site such as  That’s right, I’m a freelance writer for this very site 🙂    Other sites include and Associated Content.
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Online magazine writing can help get you noticed and maybe even being in the print!  If you have an interest in one area or a hobby, why not share it with the world!  I find it easier to write as if I am talking with someone face to face.   There are a ton of online magazines that are always looking for content.

If you come from a sales background, copywriting might be of interest to you.  Copywriting is writing sales material, promotional copy, and brochures.  As a sales person, you have the gift of gab most likely, and you can research material about the company to become knowledgeable.

A pretty popular freelance opportunity is blog writing.  Again, with content being so important, people, companies, businesses, etc. are looking to keep the content flowing in a blog.  With blogs, you are able to interact with your readers; having conversations and adding a more personal touch.  Which equals gaining trust by others which result in leads, business, offers, and success.

So how much can you make?

You can check out what the bureau of Labor Statistics says about freelance writing and salary ranges

If you go to Simply Hired you can find some great information on average salaries and a breakdown of different freelance opportunities.

For hourly freelance jobs or even per article, the price will range depending on length and whether it’s for a book, blog, or newsletter.  You can find some good articles and tools for finding out what hourly rate is the going rate.  I came across this freelance hourly rate calculator website:

So while you are in between jobs, a great way to get exposure and market yourself is to do some web content freelance writing.  Start cashing in on your skills