is a job search portal that provides information for job seekers such as career articles and job opportunities.

I recently came across a section on their website called JobsRated and thought I would share their information on the best rated jobs for 2010.

After doing research on 200 positions, The Career Jobs Rated Report  ranked Actuary, as the best job in 2010.  For those of you who don’t know what Actuary means, Wikipedia defines it as “a business professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. Actuaries have a deep understanding of financial security systems, with a focus on their complexity, their mathematics, and their mechanisms.'”

With 11 years of Recruiting experience, I have never come across anyone with that specific job title or had a client request recruiting for an Actuary.  At any rate, the reason why Actuary is rated the best job in 2010 is because of it’s low rank for stress and physical demand.  I don’t know about you, but anything with the terms “complexity” and “mathematics” in the same sentence, stresses me out!  🙂  Software Engineers was rated # 2 and Dental Hygienist ranked as #10.

You can check out the full article here