The email address I use on my profile and resume is usually my personal email address.  Most of us have our which is good to use when applying for jobs.  We are more likely to check our personal email address on a daily basis than any other email address.

On the flip side of our, I have seen some very unprofessional, wacky email addresses on resumes.  If you are looking for a good job search strategy, create a professional email address and use it only for job searching and industry related information.  For example;,,

Not only will this stand out above other emailed resumes, this strategy can also help you keep all of your job searching efforts organized, without any additional personal/junk/spam emails.  Any industry related sites, organizations, and blogs can be stored under that email address too.  This way, any time you need to refer back to something job related, you have a central spot to go to.

First impressions do count and if you think about it, our resume is our first impression.   I know first hand that seeing an email address such as or doesn’t come across as such a great first impression.

Keep it simple, professional, with a little twist and you will stand out over other resumes.