Moving into a new year, many of us are facing unemployment .  I know it’s not how I wanted to start the new year off.

Careerbuilder surveyed over 2,700 hiring managers and human resource professionals nationwide, finding answers to some upcoming hiring trends.  Some of the results include:

20% of employers plan to add full time employees, which is up from 14% in 2009.

11% of employers plan to add part time employees which is up from 9% in 2009.

Some industries mentioned that will be in demand are information technology, manufacturing, financial services, and sales.

Careerbuilder’s job forecast also includes what employers are doing moving forward in 2010, such as:

Moving more higher performing employees into roles that will replace the lower performing employees.

Using social media for company branding.

Bringing back laid off workers.

Flexibility of work arrangements to help maintain a better work-life balance.

There’s more interesting information included in the 2010 Job Forecast report.  It talks about freelance and contract hiring, and green jobs.  You can read the full report here:  Careerbuilder’s 2010 Job Forecast Finds

What does this mean for job seekers?

Information like this is a great tool for job searching, such as targeting companies that are within the industries that will be in most demand.  If you know that certain industries will most likely start hiring, research those companies in your area and see if they have a career board on their website.

Knowing what employers plan on doing and what their needs are, can help you to be more strategic when job searching.  You can target your resume, cover letter, and networking techniques based on the trends and needs of employers.

I would recommend checking out the full article on careerbuilder

I’ll continue to keep you updated on other job forecasts.  It’s interesting to see the results done on different employers, upcoming trends, and the changes in job searching strategy.