by Cori Swidorsky

When applying for jobs, the competition is high and if your resume doesn’t stand out, there’s a good chance it might be passed over.

The resume is your marketing tool and should be formatted in a way that is professional, easy to read, and sells why you are the right person for the job.  Not everyone is comfortable with resume writing and if you haven’t had to update your resume in a long time, it could get overwhelming with all of the different styles and ways resumes are being created.

A professional resume writer will do the work for you and should be up to date and familiar with what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to resume writing.  When searching for professional resume writing services, make sure to ask for references of their work and what makes them qualified to call themselves a professional resume writer.  Deciding to go with whoever charges the least amount of money shouldn’t be the decision factor.

I have been in the Recruiting Industry for over 10 years and have been helping job seekers with resume writing throughout my career.   My experience working with so many hiring managers and knowing how I go about looking for resumes has been an advantage when assisting others with writing their resume.

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Authors Bio

Cori Swidorsky has 10+ years in Recruiting and Job Search Coaching.  She is the the Owner of Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Career Connection, A Recruiters Tips on Job Searching Blog, Pittsburgh’s Job Search Buzz Blog, and is a contributing writer to  She successfully helps job seekers with learning creative techniques to finding a job.