by Cori Swidorsky

The purpose of a cover letter is to get an employer to read your resume, and it’s usually sent to an employer before or with the resume.  The cover letter should be one page and focused on the job that’s being applied for.

Three steps to writing an effective cover letter

  • First, grab the employers attention.  If someone recommended you to apply for the job, mention who recommended you or mention something about the company to show you researched the company before applying.
  • Second, prove that you are the best person for the job.  The body of the cover letter should be specific as possible, using solid examples.  Highlight the skills that would be most important to an employer.
  • Third, get the employer to contact you for the interview.  The close of the cover letter should include what days and times you are available for an interview or to discuss the qualifications further, and contact information so the employer can reach you.

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Authors Bio

Cori Swidorsky has 11 years of experience in the Recruiting Industry and coaching job seekers through a successful job search.  Cori is the owner of Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Career Connection, A Recruiters Tips on Job Searching, and Pittsburgh’s Job Search Buzz.