What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional social networking tool primarily made up of Business people.  It’s different from Facebook and Myspace which are primarily social networking tools.  LinkedIn is utilized by Job Seekers, Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and Employees in a variety of ways.

How is LinkedIn Used?

As a Recruiter, I use LinkedIn to search for candidates whether I am targeting someone on LinkedIn for the opportunity available or making contacts with people that might be able to connect me with someone who would be a great potential candidate for the opportunity available.

As a Business Owner, I use LinkedIn to connect with other local companies to get the word out on my business, connect with decision makers in hopes of creating great partnerships, and to increase my network to become more aware of Industries, Hiring Trends, and getting to know Pittsburgh Professionals.

For Job Seekers, LinkedIn can be your ticket to being found and finding people that can take you to the next step in your career.

Where to find LinkedIn?

Go to http://www.linkedin.com  get your free profile and start making those connections!


For 1 on 1 coaching on how to use LinkedIn, contact me at cori@1oncareerhelp.com

Make sure you connect with me on LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/1on1careerhelp