A few weeks ago I had someone ask me the question about putting an objective on a resume.

Objectives on a resume could offer a variety of meanings such as, summarizing your qualifications or stating the type of position you are seeking and your career goals.  I have seen objectives in paragraph form, only being one sentence, as well as just being one word.

I feel that it’s more effective using Job Target instead of Objective.  Job Target states what position you are applying for and should be changed every time you apply for a position that has a different title. 

I personally do not take the time to read an objective too often, I am usually scanning the resume for keywords that will jump out at me, letting me know this candidate has the skills I am looking for.

There are times though, that I do scan through the objective and find that the candidate did highlight how they were a fit for the position they were applying for, so I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer for the question of using objectives on a resume.

My suggestion would be to use a Job Target and then a Profile highlighting your qualifications, such as:

Job Target  Marketing Communications Manager


  • Responsible for all marketing communications material
  • Develop content for websites, newsletters, and sales materials

What are your thoughts on using Objectives and how do you use an Objective on your resume?