That’s not a typo, it does say to apply to companies not looking to hire candidates, doesn’t make sense does it? The typical job search these days consists of going online, posting your resume and waiting, applying to jobs online and then waiting, going through the want ads, sending your resume, and then waiting. That’s a lot of waiting around, so while you are waiting to hear from a potential employer or recruiter to set up an interview, why not do some research.

Look in the business sections of recent newspapers to see if there are any local businesses growing and then contact them directly either by sending in a resume or calling to talk directly to a Hiring Manager. Before contacting them, know what skills and experience you are offering and why they may need to hire someone like you. Also, go through the phone book or look online for companies you have an interest in working for and send them a resume.

Who knows know when someone at that company could be giving their notice or getting let go. Maybe after seeing your resume or speaking with you, they decide they could use someone with your skill set and create a new position. Timing could be everything so don’t wait around so much, be proactive with your job search and go after the hidden opportunities.

Cori Swidorsky