Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace can hurt your chances of landing a job.

About a month ago, I was working with a candidate for a Web Developer position and the Hiring Manager said he was exactly what they were looking for. The candidate was interviewed over the phone and a few days later, the Hiring Manager notified me that they were not going to move forward with a face to face interview. I was shocked at that feedback, and the clients reason on not bringing him back in was: Twitter!

Hiring Managers Response on his Twitter Posts: There were inappropriate posts and they noticed the times of his Twitter posts, which were during business hours. An extremely qualified candidate lost an amazing job opportunity due to having the urge to talk about his drinking ventures and taking time out of his work day to post that content.

Why would a Hiring Manager want to hire someone if they are spending time on social networking sites when they should be working? Why would a Hiring Manager want to pay an employee to come to work so they can spend their time posting on social networking sites?

Warning: Employers are using Social Networking sites to find out more about who they are considering to hire. If you are sharing your drinking activities, posting inappropriate content, using your work time to make these posts on Social Networking sites, you could be hurting your chances in making your next career move.

Cori Swidorsky –