Job Searching Strategies

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“After feeling like I was submitting my resume into a giant black hole, Cori turned my 1990’s style resume into what is required in order to get noticed by today’s technology. Within days of submitting my modern resume, I was getting calls, interviews and eventually my dream job. I find that it is hard to write about yourself. You can’t do this on your own.” – Pete, Account Manager


“Cori provided a Resume Writing Workshop for my small staff at a Pittsburgh non-profit mental health agency. I recommended her for hire because she was very quick to respond to my inquiries, presented herself professionally and initially provided a great deal of knowledge of the subject matter.” – Kelly


“Cori has been tremendously helpful in teaching me important aspects of the new social media. Most importantly how to use it to create your own brand identity. I recommend her highly.” – Mark, Executive VP/CFO


“Cori spoke to a group of our students on the topic of getting ready for your job search. Her insights, advice, and guidance were right on target for the audience and very well received. If you are looking for a personable and knowledgeable job search strategy speaker, Cori is the person for you. I look forward to having her back in the future.” – Don, Director of Career Services


“Cori helped me refine my resume a year or so ago. Sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes and Cori was just what I needed. She was able to look at the experience I had and craft it into an excellent resume. I have 3 or 4 other friends and co-workers that have used Cori and were thrilled with her level of perfection.” -Jane


“Cori is an exceptional communicator with great interpersonal skills who is a catalyst for building a solid career foundation. She provides the HR consulting SME tools, in just the right dose needed to conduct a solid job search. I didn’t have a clue what to expect when I hired Cori as a personal career coach. The experience has been amazing.”- Randi


“I met Cori through Linkedin during my job search. She assisted me in some strategy and search options, tweaked my resume a bit, and gave me some much-needed advice about this process. She is very professional, but more importantly, has a sincere interest for the well being of those she works with.” – Mike


“She’s very knowledgeable about what she does and was able to provide the recruiters’ perspective on what they look for in cover letters/resumes. Our organization would love to have her back for another workshop!” – Christina


“Cori was very helpful to me in my career search. She provided good information and has a great website for those seeking employment in Pittsburgh. I recommend that you speak with Cori for career coaching. She has good insight into the market.” – Linda


“Cori is an excellent source for career planning. Very knowledgeable on
job search techniques. Would highly recommend to anyone.” – John


“I would recommend Cori as a career coach, resume evaluator and developer and someone who understands the power and potential of networking.” – Mark

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