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Half of the graduates do not find a job immediately and have to wait before getting employed? Here are the tips which ensure a good job for yourself!

It is sad to see that so many graduates fail to find a job soon enough and spend so much of time jobless. This creates immense pressure on them as they need to find a quick way to pay back their tuition fee and to support themselves too. Getting a job is a big challenge but finding a dream job is even more of a daunting task. The majority of the students who easily land a job of their dreams are either well-connected or graduated from an Ivy League college.

Not everyone has this kind of luck so you need to find the right tactics to help yourself get a decent job. Here are the five important tips which will increase your chances dramatically of getting hired by a company:

  1. Create a Professional Online Presence with LinkedIn

In today’s world, having a professional online presence is critical in ensuring that you get your dream job. The most popular platform for all the professionals is LinkedIn and there is no denying that recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn more than any other website. This has been proved by various statistics. It is essential to create a strong LinkedIn profile by documenting all your professional achievements and your experience.

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You should be listing all the menial jobs too because this shows that you are enterprising. Also, it will convey that you can successfully shoulder responsibilities. Do not forget to enlist your extracurricular activities and the awards which you have won so far.

  1. An Appealing Cover Letter for Your Resume

There are only a few seconds to impress the hiring manager and to make him believe that you are better than the rest of the candidates. Before you yourself make it to the interview, it is your resume which is going to make an impression. Trust me, no one has the time and energy to look into your entire resume and see your qualifications and achievements till date. As the hiring managers have hundreds of CVs at hand, they only skim through them.

The only thing which is sure to make an impact on him is your cover letter. If you have an appealing cover letter, your chances of getting to the stage of the interview are dramatically increased. Most of the hiring managers even say that they only read the first paragraph of the cover letter and decide on its basis whether the candidate will be able to deliver anything for the company or not.

  1. Get an Internship Quickly

The competition is intense and employers not only need your high qualification and skills but also need to see your commitment. If you drop the break after college and instead, use it to get an internship somewhere, it will prove to do wonders for your career. There are many summer internships available but there is nothing better than a professional internship at a renowned and prestigious organization.

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Many big companies out there will not offer you a job straight after college but they might give you an internship which is quite often without a pay. Grab the opportunity as this will show your commitment towards working hard and to have a thriving career. Even though you won’t be getting any money in return but the name of the company on your resume would be nothing less than gold.

  1. Find a Good Mentor for Yourself

A recent research indicates that students are most likely to find their mentor in one of their parents. If it is not their mother or father then it is going to be any of their professors, family members, or friends. While it is necessary to have someone to guide you through your career path, it is equally important to expand your search and look beyond your family and friends.

The wiser option for you would be to go with someone who is already thriving or has reached immense success in the same career as yours. These are the people who have closely seen the professional life and can easily guide you about the pros and cons of your chosen career. They will have all the fruitful tips to help you find a job which will boost your career immensely.

Also, it is very important to find someone whom you can relate to in terms of their struggles and choices they have made in their lives. Understand their experiences and make them a basis to learn more about professional life. Be a good mentee throughout so that your mentor can actually be of great help to you.

  1. Get Certification in the Industry

While some people might say that a college degree is enough but given the current situation of the job sector it is definitely not something one can truly rely on. In order to be better than the rest, you need to offer some extra skillset which the employers cannot overlook or refuse.

Millennials often realize after stepping out of college that the demands in the professional sector are overwhelming and they can easily fall short. To avoid any such situation where you are intimated by your job and its responsibilities, you must go for specialization courses that offer a wider perspective on your career as compared to the college degree.

This doesn’t mean that the degree isn’t important, the certification will be of no use if you don’t have a degree already. Getting certified only serves as an added advantage and cannot be considered as an equivalent of a degree. It only means that you are more prepared professionally for your field.

By following these handy tips, you are sure to get yourself hired by a reputed company and land yourself the job of your dreams. It is important to employ such tactics to be ahead in the competition otherwise, your chances of getting lost in the pool of talent are immense. So, work hard and give your best shot.

Author’s Bio: Linda James is pursuing her doctorate from a leading university. Her focus in it is why many students pay for dissertation while others do not.