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Waking up way too early, running out of coffee, getting stuck in traffic, dealing with your boss, handling way too many responsibilities, trying to avoid that noisy colleague at the office, and these are just some reasons why you might feel like quitting your job, going far away, and never coming back.

However, it’s not really necessary to leave that wonderful job, going broke, and be kicked to the curve by your wife. Instead, you might want to try to handle things with a little bit of humor. It might be easy to say, and you might be thinking there’s no space for humor in your life and you might be right, we’ve all been there. Nevertheless, if you follow these five simple tips, you’ll be able to improve not only your sense of humor, but also your performance at work, and your life will get a whole lot easier.

  1. Wake up a bit earlier to do something you enjoy. Waking up early in the morning might not be your cup of tea, but if you get out of bed with a few minutes to spare, you might take that time to do an activity that you enjoy, like watching TV, taking a look at your social networks, exercising, or even spending some time with your partner.
  2. Take the time to eat. It’s absolutely impossible to keep your enthusiasm up if you’re hungry, especially if you have to work your butt off at the office later.
  3. Watch sitcoms. Laughter is the best medicine, watching some comedies can improve your mood and help you relax so you can deal with your responsibilities later.
  4. Don’t let small things ruin your day. Are you stuck in traffic? Then listen to the radio. Is your radio broken? Then roll your windows down and sing while you’re enjoying the morning breeze. The windows won’t roll down? Then you should probably buy a new car. The important thing to take from this point is that you should learn how to deal with your problems and go through that rough patch without letting it ruin your day.
  5. Just smile. Everything gets easier when you smile, people treat you better, you instantly become more likeable, and people are suddenly more open to listening to any suggestions that you might have; you can even get away with telling that annoying colleague to shut up and to please put his headphones on because no one shares his horrible taste in music.

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There will always be obstacles, you’re definitely going to have difficult days, even days when you feel like everything is falling apart. But we got news for you, if you smile, hang in there, and handle things with humor, everything will get a lot better.

Author: Louis Balenzano/ neuvoo, Strategic Alliance Coordinator US

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