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With our economy taking a downwards spiral, many find themselves without jobs. Though in the past there were many ways to find new work, times are evolving and we need to go with it. You may be missing out on great opportunities if you are not up to date with new trends. The days off dropping off your resume at a counter seems to be gone but don’t despair. There are new places to go and find work and you might not have thought about these yet.

  1. Twitter

Social media is the driving force behind what we do.  You can find jobs at twitter or an employer might find you. Tweet about your experiences, qualifications and the fact that you are unemployed. Post some intelligent and intellectual posts as well to show your skills. Always be professional on social media because you might just score a job. Many companies use social media to do background checks. This is to protect the company and also to get to know more about the potential candidates. That is why it is important to conduct yourself professionally online.

  1. Facebook

You can join a Facebook page or group where you feel your opportunity lies. Join a few pages of companies you would like to work for. See what they post and learn more about their mission and vision. You will be able to see who works there and perhaps spot an advert for a job opening. Companies are realizing that the easiest and most time-saving way to find the right employees is through social media. Pages like ‘Financial Jobs’ or ‘Gamble Careers’ are great places to start. You never know where your luck lies and this is a great opportunity to invest some time in.

  1. LinkedIn

Sure LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook there is more to this platform than posting your resume. Companies are head hunting a lot on LinkedIn. Make sure your resume reflects all you can bring to the table. Get some resume writing help if you need to or hire resume writing services. The importance of a good resume is vital if you want to be picked up in the searches. Also, join groups where you can reach out to recruiters or employers to present a proposal to. This is one of the best places to find a job lately and many people have been hired through LinkedIn.

  1. Company websites

Don’t just look at the job boards when you are trying to find a job. Search for some companies in your area that interest you and list their names. Then go online and search for each one’s website. Some companies will post vacancies on their websites and you may have never thought to look there. Not all companies use recruiting agencies so it might not be posted on various job finding platforms. This way you are potentially going to find a job at a company you actually want to work at. You can also take the time to learn and read more about the company so that you are prepared for the interview.

  1. Attend industry events

You don’t have to already work in the industry you are interested in. In fact, you can go to an event as an unemployed skilled individual. Mingle when you are at these events and don’t be afraid to make it known that you are currently in the market. You never know who you might be speaking to. Promote yourself without making it part of every conversation. Wait for someone to ask you what you are doing right now and then go for it. Go to as many events as you can and you surely will strike it lucky.

It is possible to find a good job even in this economy. Commit yourself to finding employment by a certain date and do your best to reach your goal. Look in places where other may not think to look. The usual job board applications can run into thousands and you might get lost in a number of applications. A job is waiting with your name on and you have to go out there and claim it.

Author Bio: Carrie Cox works as a content manager and her hobby is guest posting. She is specialized on writing useful articles for job seekers in order to make their job hunting process easier and more effective. Her hobby is traveling and reading.

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