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Mobile is undoubtedly the hottest tech thing around the globe. Everybody wants a piece of the mobile cake and the popularity of the mobile platform is only expected to grow further in the coming years. The world has an unquenchable desire for new and better apps and businesses around the globe are choosing the most in-demand mobile technologies to cater to this demand. Looking at the growing popularity of Apple’s iPhones, iPads and iPods, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a career in iOS development is going to be a rewarding one for those who choose it.

According to NetMarketShare, as of September 2006 iOS enjoys a 25.02% share in the total smartphone operating system market which has grown since the last year. Thus, the demand for iOS Developers has also increased. Regardless of where you may be living, almost all the tech companies have positions open at every level, be it an intern, junior, mid or senior level.

Though this article is most appropriate for those who are thinking of making a career in iOS Development, those who have experience in the field can also benefit from it by applying the tips mentioned below:

  1. Buy the machine

To become an ace iOS developer you need a Mac. Sure there are some alternatives such as Hackintosh and Mac in Cloud which one can use but let’s be real. As an iOS Developer, Mac is going to be your working tool. So, it is better to get your hands on the machine. It doesn’t have to be the fastest, most expensive and the newest. If you want a good entry device, go for a MacMini; and if mobility is your number priority, then go for Air. Most importantly, you don’t have to buy a brand new machine. A second-hand device would do just fine.

  1. Learn Objective-C

This is the most important step for those thinking of making a career in iOS development. Objective-C is the standard programming language of iOS platform. Hence, it is crucial that you have a deep understanding of the language. There are lots of online resources available where you can learn the tricks and trade of Objective-C easily and conveniently.

  1. Learn Swift

Swift is considered to be the future of iOS development. It is the new and the most preferred choice of Apple and everything new that they are doing is now being done in Swift. The new features are being brought on through Swift only and the sole purpose behind making improvements in Objective-C is to operate conveniently with Swift. Since that’s the case, then it is important that you know the language to be able to understand these features.

  1. Practice everyday

Practice every single day. Once you have acquainted yourself with Objective-C and Swift, you must practice as much as possible. Set a daily target for yourself to code every day sometimes simple and sometimes complex. Even better would be to build your own apps. That is the best way to understand everything an iOS developer needs to know right from app designing to maintenance. Practicing code daily will not only help you keep your coding skills intact but also help you sharpen your skill.

  1. Become a part of the community

This is one of the most important things iOS developers need to implement. You are part of the iOS development profession so it is imperative that you join online communities. GitHub is one of the largest online coding communities that you can consider joining. It offers version history and comes with a large community of coders who can help you with testing your apps or when you get stuck somewhere while developing the app.

  1. Find opportunities to develop apps

Find as many opportunities to showcase your talent by working on a freelance or free assignment. This will prepare you for greater challenges and unique requirements that people may have. As an individual, we tend to think in our own set ways. A second person can give a unique perspective to ponder over. This second person perspective will help you a great deal in building your portfolio.

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  1. Build your network

Go to meet-ups and most importantly to hackathons and get to know people. That’s the first step you will take towards building your own network and making personal connections with fellow coders and industry people. You will also get to know about job openings from your connections. Even after getting a job, keep going to these meet-ups to maintain your good equation with your people.

  1. Reach out to the company you want to work in

So far you are doing well. Following the tips has now prepared to catch your first job as an iOS developer! Intern or junior – they are just names. And names are not too important in the beginning of the career. What’s more important is to the job, expand your skills and prove your worth. A positive attitude will help you rise to your desired designation.

  1. Start your blog

Starting your blog is the best way to market your skills by writing about your code and what you are learning. Moreover, it seems quite impressive to your current and prospective employers to see you totally immersed in coding and learning new things. There will be days when you won’t find anything tech to write about. Simply pick up any non-tech topic and write on it to give your audience a peek into your personality.

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