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Resumes have become a part and parcel when it comes to job interviews and even when you are looking for internships. Whether you are applying for government job vacancies or a private organization, you will often find that your resume is taking some important part in the process. But if you are a fresh graduate or someone looking to go into a profession where you have no experience, then what will you do about your resume?

This is a common problem that final year students often face when they are applying for an internship or fresh graduates do when they are applying for campus placements. So what is that you are going to do when you have no work experience? Here are some expert advices to guide in such a situation and make your resume attractive enough to get the required effect.

Focus on the career objective

If it would have been a resume for experienced professionals or someone who has experience in the applied job position, then career objective would not have been an important part of it. But, as a fresh graduate, you need to understand that a good career objective can make the interviewer understand that you are passionate about the job profile and willing to work hard. Also, understand that since you have no work experience, it is through your objective that you can get the attention of the interviewer.

Seek out any skills relevant to the job

We all have skills. If you have completed three to four years in a grad school, you will definitely have picked up a lot of skills. Organizations when they hire fresh graduates understand that these candidates may not have the experience, but the skills to become an integral part of it.

But you must be careful in adding skills to your resume. Add only those skills that you think are going to be relevant to the job you have applied for. If you add ten skills that are not related, it would not have any effect; but one skill that is highly relevant to the job profile and it will have a tremendous effect.

Showcase all academic achievements

Academic achievements are always important, though it may not be relevant to the job profile. It is a fact that no matter what, if you have good academic grades, you will be considered a good fit. It is because people who have good academic grades are considered responsible and dedicated to achieving the goals that are associated with their work.

Include extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities are like insurance. You can that find many government organizations have job positions which are reserved for sportspersons. So, you never know when extra-curricular activities may come to help you. These activities also give an edge over other candidates since everyone is at the same level when it comes to no work experience.

Add certification courses which are relevant

If you have done a certification course which you find is relevant to the job, add to your resume. This will prove to be one of the biggest advantages when you are a fresh graduate or someone who is looking to change the job profile. Organizations like it when the training cost gets less and at the same time you can add value to the team within a short period of joining.

Experiment with the design layout

If you have gone through the online resume service sites, you will find that there are different types of layouts for different level of experience. Also, you might have seen on the internet about some people showing their innovation through their resumes. Nowadays there are visual resumes as well and it adds a creative touch to the age-old layout. Just keep it professional.

What really is work experience?

Did you do a short stint as a photographer at the college’s newspaper or magazine? Do you know even that would count as experience, though it might not be related to the job profile you have applied for? Every little work you did and summer internship you attended will help you.

You can see from above that there is nothing to be afraid while making a resume even if you do not have any relevant work experience. There are a lot of things that you can add to give your resume depth and make it look attractive.

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