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Establishing career as a graphic designer is a challenging, but rewarding experience. The fact is that graphic designers are constantly in demand. This leads to a conclusion that all that you have to do is use a variety of tools to find all your potential clients.

Luckily, as the internet has conquered the world years ago, over a period of time, numerous successful platforms have enabled people to come in contact with clients from all over the world. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular freelance platforms that will help you jumpstart your graphic design career.


If you are looking for specific graphic design gigs that don’t require a lot of back and forth between you and the client, this is the perfect platform for you. You can showcase what your capabilities are to clients from around the world. It is possible to find both short and long-term projects. Put in some effort, you will be amazed how much this platform has to offer.


This is currently the biggest freelancing platform, and it counts over 1.5 million active clients. Even though the platform has a variety of different jobs, there are also plenty of graphic designer projects that require true professionals. This is the perfect platform for anyone, as there are projects for beginners and professionals alike; it all depends on the level of your expertise.

Landing the first job will take some time, but as you build up your profile with different projects, and you will easily find your future projects. There are also short-term and long-term projects which you can work on.


There is no low-bidding on this platform . Once you pass the screening process of what your actual skills are, you are going to have a variety of freelancing jobs before you. This platform is rich with big clients who require seasoned workers and offer decent financial compensation. Working on a design project for a big company is the perfect addition to your CV, so make sure that you give your best to find a project on this platform.


This freelance platform  is a bit different, and was created for those who are competitive and quite confident about their skills. This is a perfect way of showcasing how good you are. This is a perfect way of attracting new clients who are going to run to you if you have satisfying level of skill.

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This is a platform that specializes in web services such as SEO, graphic design, web design and web developers. The only important thing is that you should be able to evaluate how much time you are going to need to complete a project. Put up a normal hourly rate when starting. This will put you in a competitive position, especially if you can get the job done within the promised time frame.


Many people consider that craigslist is oriented only towards trading. However, there are plenty of people who are looking for professionals for a variety of projects. You can start by looking for graphic design projects that are offered by local clients. If you prefer working remotely, there are plenty of offers that you can look into and find the best offer for yourself. One of the main advantages of craigslist is the fact that there are no additional fees like the above mentioned platforms, which can save you quite a lot of money.

These are some of the best freelance platforms that can help you greatly improve your graphic design career. Before you start working on these platforms, it is very important that you find some beginner graphic design gigs that are going to be a nice addition to your CV. You want to present something to the clients from the platforms, so do some hard work from the start; it is going to mean a lot for your future.

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