If you’re coming up to graduation then you need to be warned out the unusual post-graduation pre-employment limbo which you are about to enter. It’s an unusual time when the final rush of exams and assignments is over and you are left with an uneasy amount of time on your hands which sounds great but actually makes you feel guilty. Yes really!

It’s important to use this time wisely though. So here are 5 productive things you should be doing:

1. Update your CV

Ok this one is the most obvious and you may well have already started doing this but now you have the time to make sure it is 100% spot on. You will need a compelling CV to set you aside from all of the other fresh new graduates entering the market, so make sure you read plenty of online guides to create the perfect CV and then send it to friends and family for their feedback.

2. Visit The Careers Advisor

Your university will most likely have a free career advisors. Make the most of them! You may think that you’ve got everything sussed but a little advice never hurt anyone and I guarantee you will take something valuable away from it. These people have years of experience to offer and they are really motivational so they will leave you ready and raring to go.

3. Get references from your tutors

Pay a visit to your (favorite) lecturers and ask them if they would mind writing a short reference for you and if they would mind you adding them as a reference to your CV. It’s best to do this straight after graduation while your wonderfulness is still fresh in their mind! These can be really valuable when applying for jobs.

4. Polish Your Social Profiles

Haven’t you heard? Social media isn’t just for selfies and statuses. 95% of The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers use social media in their recruitment process and over 50% of employees look at candidate’s social media profiles before making a job offer. LinkedIn is a must have, Twitter & Facebook are more optional however if you are going to keep them for your private life make-sure you keep them just that – Private! Use your social profiles to sell your personal brand and connect with people who may be valuable in your job hunt.

5. Go Shopping!

The words you’ve all been waiting for! But I’m not talking bikinis and bandage dresses. Invest in one or two smart and sophisticated interview outfits so that when you get the interview for that dream you look the part and are full of self-confidence.

Samantha Condliffe previously graduated with a BA honors in marketing management and now works as a Director of Little Acorn Digital Marketing’( www.littleacorndigitalmarketing.com)

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