You join an organization with all the hopes of being involved in something interesting, but as months pass by you find yourself saying, “My job sucks”. You begin to wonder what has gone wrong in these months; maybe you are not getting appreciated for your work or you have a bossy manager. There are always ups and downs in a professional life. Before you do something in haste which might jeopardize your career, you should know that it is not always the fault of the organization or your boss that is making you feel that your job sucks.

What’s the problem?

It is very difficult to maintain the level of consistency and passion at the workplace day in and day out, with so many other external conditions that come up daily. Are you having a bad time in your personal life? Did you get to know that you are getting paid less than other employees?

The problem or problems may be all significant, but in the end you are making a living out of your job. In most cases, the job may get monotonous after some months, you may end up finding the same type of bosses in your new workplace and still end up with the thought that ‘your job sucks’. You must accept the fact that most of the solutions that led to the problem are in your hands. Career satisfaction is not something you get as a gift nor is it easy to find; one works hard to get into a position where satisfaction comes from within and outside.

How to fix it

Workplace is a place where you work and not just visit

If you are looking for an easy going life at the workplace with no pressure, then there is disappointing news for you as nothing like that exists anywhere. When coming to an office, you should have a mindset already made up that you are here to work for which you are given a pay check at the end of the month.

If you are sincere in what you do and try to find positive things about your work, there can be no one who can make you feel otherwise. There will be petty little annoying things happening in even the best of the workplaces. The best you can do about it is to ignore them and focus on your work. You should understand that there is no one but yourself to blame if something goes wrong with your work. Apart from that any other disturbances not related to work should be duly ignored.

It is not an easy task to switch jobs as it takes a lot of time and you cannot simply resign the current job to get one until you have the resources to do so. So, try to hold on to the job you have which is paying your bills.

Keep away from gossips and rumors

There is nothing as poisonous and harmful as gossips. Do not be the guy that likes to lurk around the water cooler to strike up gossip-related conversations because it may backfire. Also, there always is someone in any organization who likes to spend his/her time gossiping about colleagues. If you are already having a feeling that most of your colleagues do not like you, then these types of gossips are going to make you feel more miserable. Focus on the work you are doing and be deaf to all those rumors that are going around you.

Learn to cope with the work culture

It often happens that the job sucks because you are not able to cope with the work culture and fit into the environment. You may have worked in an organization which had a very lax environment and suddenly you are overwhelmed by the strict policies in your new workplace. You may feel left out at first and find that everyone is too busy with their work to care about you. But you must understand that coping with a new work environment is essential because you never know what kind of work environment you may end up when you change your job.

Take a break if you have to

Do you feel yourself overworked? A lot of professionals think their job sucks because they feel they are working more than they should. If you have enough leaves, try to utilize them to go on a short vacation. You can also be involved in some of your favorite hobbies or other activities that provide you with the fulfillment in life that your work is denying you. This will help you to be refreshed and you will find yourself being more productive after the vacation. If you are feeling sick, get some rest and focus on getting better; being in good health also helps you to be more productive. When you are productive, you will find that your work is getting results and in turn makes you feel that is more interesting than you thought.

Search for a job

If nothing is working and your work is making you feel depressed, it is better not try anymore and find out a way to leave the job. It is time to revive your account in one of the top job portals and strengthen your profile. Make a good plan so that you do not wind up phrasing the same “my job sucks” line at the new workplace after a few months.

The thing is that quite often it is not the job that sucks but how you decide to look at it. If you give your full effort you can make your work interesting and productive at the same time. But, if you think that the job profile is not utilizing your skills or not helping you grow professionally, you need find one that will be a great fit for you.

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