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Even in a job seeker’s economy, companies are having challenges finding qualified candidates. An average recruiter spends just 6 seconds on your resume, which is why I believe social media is the great hiring equalizer.

Only half of the candidates from the 2015 Candidate Experience North American Reportreceived any type of communication from recruiters after applying to jobs. Furthermore, many companies don’t make communicating with candidates a priority, leaving job seekers in limbo, having swiped right with no insight into why the employer didn’t return the favor.

Social Media Is A Candidate’s Best Move In An Active Job Search

The simple fact is that social media is the best defense and offense. It allows candidates to actively seek out new opportunities in an interactive environment, which I will be talking about here with Carlos Gil at the upcoming SXSW Interactive Session.

Social media improves the odds of gaining an interview and building a relationship with a company. Unfortunately, most job seekers are unfocused in their social media efforts. They might not even be aware that recruiters are increasingly relying on social media instead of traditional job boards and online application processes.

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