If you think that, just because you have all the qualifications, getting a job will be a walk in the park for you, then you are wrong. Getting a job needs more than just the basic qualifications. If you are someone who has become frustrated due to the lack of interview calls, then there is something missing in your job hunting process. If you are thinking what are these je ne sais quoi ingredients for getting a job, then this article will reveal some secrets.

You have seen a job posting on a job portal that matches with your qualifications and you applied it. This is not the end of the journey. It will not turn miraculously into an offer letter. You will need to do more than that to get that job. Nowadays the competition is so high that there are thousands of job applications for a single opening. So, you need to understand what are the other things that you need to add to your job hunting process that will reap results for you.

Here are five secret ingredients that will up your chances of getting a job:

  1. Pick up the phone; do not just shoot emails

Did you just keep shooting emails to every recruiter and forgot about them after a day or two? Chances are that the recruiters have also forgotten about your emails. Recruiters receive huge number of such emails daily and you are just like any other to them. If you want to impress them and show your interest about the position, then you need to call them to follow up on your application.

Calling up a recruiter to ask them about the application will help them to gauge that you are showing genuine interest in the position and this might also lead him to expedite your interview process. But, do not pester him by calling incessantly if he says they are following a schedule and let you know accordingly.

Many candidates just send an email and forget about it. The chances of getting a job interview get slim day by day if the recruiter doesn’t see or skips your resume. Calling up lets the recruiters know that you sent your resume or even feel that they made a mistake by skipping your resume.

2.  Constant knowledge and skills upgradation

Completing your college degree is not the end of your learning experience. Learning is a continuous process. It is misconception that with a good college degree alone you can go further in your professional life. You will have to constantly upgrade your knowledge and skills. When you are looking for a job, the applicants will all have the same degree. It is the other skills and knowledge that will be the deciding factor. So it is very important to understand that you should never stop learning and get your skills upgraded.

  1. Volunteering is a good way to meet people and learn new skills

Sometimes you may not see a direct path to the desired profile and you will have to go through an indirect route. Volunteering is one way to get a view of what the industry of your dream desires and makes you step into a platform that will help you jumpstart a career in that profile.

  1. Get out of your virtual networking world and do it in person

If you are caught in the webs of virtual networking, you need to get out of it no matter how easy it seems. First of all, since you do not get to meet these professionals in person, you do not get to know if they are really what they tell about themselves. Secondly, the bonding and interaction that happens online cannot be compared to the good old face-to-face conversations. So network with other professionals the original way and meet them in person since it is far more effective than virtual networking.

  1. In the end it is the resume that speaks

It all comes down to resumes in the end. The first step of getting a job, i.e. interviews, is actually a war of resumes. On the battlefield of choosing the ones for the interview depends upon who has a killer resume. It is time you chucked that old resume of yours away and created a new one that conforms to the current norms. Make sure that the resume fits with the job profile that has been advertised on job portals and classifieds. Also, check out with the professional resume writing services if you are not able to make your own resume.

Getting a job is all about the sum total of little extra efforts that you put in the process. With the five secret tips above, you can now have an advantage to be one step forward.

Author Bio
Hasib is a career coach, blogger and a professional writer working for the job portal – naukri.com. With an interest in providing career counseling for professionals, he has contributed a number of articles related to the topic on various online platforms. Follow him @ twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.