Interested in getting into the healthcare industry but you do not think you have the sufficient experience or worse, no experience at all? This article will be perfect for you and will provide you with some tips to get into the world of health care industry without having to worry about experience at all.

The first thing that comes into mind when talking about the healthcare industry is that it is all about clinical roles, prominent ones being that of doctoral or nurse roles. But it should be noted that there are a lot of other roles in the industry which are entry-level clinical or non-clinical roles, which are perfect for those who have no or very little experience in the field.

The healthcare industry has always been popular due to it being a recession-resistant one and can be safely said to be the only one where opportunities continue to come up. The biggest problem that job seekers face while searching for a job is that they have little experience regarding the industry they apply. When it comes to healthcare industry, this is not a hindrance as there are lots of opportunities that do not require much experience. If you can get one foot one the door, i.e. able to get a job interview opportunity, then you can score a job without breaking a sweat.

Here are some of the ways through which you can break into the healthcare industry with the experience you have now:

  • Do a bit of research on the industry

Though it has been mentioned that it is possible to get into a healthcare profile with no experience, it needs some amount of research before you can really make the move come true. Always stay on top of the latest industry news, company news and any new happenings in the world of healthcare. You can follow these online as there are hundreds of sources that will provide you with accurate news. This will keep you educated about the industry and help greatly in your interview.

  • Start from the scratch

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. If you are planning to start or switch in an industry of which you have very little experience. You can start from less-obvious places like your local pharmacy as a Pharmacy Aide. It will help you to get good experience in retail and sales related to the healthcare industry. You can also start from other non-clinical roles, which are numerous.

  • Network with healthcare professionals

Networking is a great way to get in touch with professionals who are well-versed with the healthcare industry. There are various online forums, discussion groups and social networking site which offer good platforms for networking. Through this network you can also get news about job opportunities in the industry and even get references while applying for a job interview.

  • Find someone for whom you can learn

Learning while on the job is a great way to move up in your career. And the best way is to find someone from whom you can learn. Identify a mentor in the field you are working and learn from that person. If you are willing to learn and demonstrate a high level of interest, there will always be someone to help you; as the Buddhist saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

Some jobs which require no prior experience in healthcare industry:

  • Patient Aide/Medical Assistant

These professionals help patients in filling out forms, replying to queries, scheduling appointments and arranging the admission of patients. Medical assistants are usually found in hospitals and private clinics.

Some of the prominent hospitals like Max Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, etc. hire medical assistant professionals.

  • Insurance/Claims Associate

Insurance Associate helps customers to get the suitable insurance cover and advises them on the benefits of the insurance cover. They also help in connecting with the concerned hospital in the time of treatment. Claims Associate deals with customers who submit reimbursement claims to the insurance company.

Some of the popular companies like Unified Health Group and Religare hire insurance/claims professionals.

  • Medical Secretary

Medical secretary are usually assistants to doctors who manage their day-to-day activities of setting up appointment and scheduling their sessions. There are also other related activities like ordering supplies, training of new staff members, preparing letters and helping medical officers with their reports.  Various hospitals and clinics hire such professionals.

The bigger picture

Now as you know there are a lot of opportunities in the field of healthcare, you can take your first step in one of the above mentioned profiles. You can in the mean time go for courses related to the industry to get more knowledge and rise up in this industry.

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