Job interviews will for articlealways be a part of your life whether it is for the first time or when you are looking to make the change. Most of the time we rely on recruiters to find the profile that suits with us the best and get us one foot into the interview room. But just getting into the interview room does not ensure that we will get the job. There are various reasons which are the cause for your failure to get the attention of the hiring manager. Often it happens that recruiters whom we trust so much fail to give us the exact scenario. Even the most popular job websites in India will not reveal you these secrets.

You must be thinking, ‘why?’ Recruiters usually do not have the time to tell you as they are dealing with a lot of candidates simultaneously. Secondly, they may feel that it might lead to burning bridges with the job seekers. Lastly, they might not even feel telling you.

The competition is too high in the talent market and there is no dearth of good resources. It is only those with the knowledge of these hidden truths that come out successful. It is time that the truth is known by all.

These are the top 5 things that a recruiter won’t tell you why failed in an interview:

  1. Your resume was not up to the mark

 Very often or you can say, the most common reason, for not getting selected is due to your resume. Recruiters do not have enough time to go through each and every resume in detail; they just scan them to find the suitable candidate. So, if your resume is not good enough they will probably not select you. This is often hidden by the recruiters.

TipHighlight the points that are important for the profile you want to apply. These will help the recruiter to understand your skills and expertise better.

  1. While Social Media Matters, LinkedIn does not matter (if you do not provide facts)

If you might not know, social media means a lot to recruiters while judging the candidates eligibility. A quick look in the profile is enough to find out about and if it is not professional it affects the judgement of the recruiter. While if you thought having a lot of endorsements will get the attention of a recruiter, you are wrong. It means nothing to a recruiter, unless it has links to show your works and projects.

TipAlways maintain a professional outlook of your social media profiles and do not upload or share anything on sensitive issues while you are looking for a job. Also if you want to show your skills through LinkedIn make sure that you provide the related docs and links to prove it.

  1. Your body language did not impress the hiring manager 

NO recruiter wants to talk about a candidate’s behavior. It is highly unlikely that even the hiring manager will tell the recruiter why he/she has not hired you. If your body language was not positive, the hiring manger may have doubts about your candidature.

TipThere are various self-help books or websites that will help you to improve your body language. Some books are also there in the market that gives tips on how to maintain a perfect body language during interviews. Always be prepared and be aware of your body language.

  1. You could not convey your messages properly

Recruiters cannot tell job seekers most things like the communication problems that you might be having. If you are too slow or too fast, there might be a problem with the hiring manager understanding your words. This is a serious thing as if you cannot convey your words properly during the interview it shows that you will not be able to convey your messages to your team after hiring.

TipCommunication problem is something which is usually noticeable. So if you think you have problem with it, try joining a communication class where they will give you training on how to speak clearly and deliberately.

  1. You did not make your profile clear to the recruiter

Recruiters are human. If you fail to clearly describe the profile you are looking for them, they won’t be able to get the right jobs for you. And many a times due to professional ego, they will not tell you that they did not understand your requirements well.

Tipbe very precise and clear when you are describing your requirements to the recruiter. Ask him if he understood the profile you are looking for.

Bottom Line: Recruiters are always looking to help you and get you recruited. It is always a great habit to maintain a good relationship with the recruiter. If a recruiter likes you, they’ll keep looking until they find a job that you like.

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Author BioHasib is a knowledge junkie and often helps job seekers with articles related to career guidance and tips on interviews. When he is not involved in writing, he is contemplating his next journey to the hills or to the new restaurant he came across. Follow him @ twitter, Google+, LinkedIn