The heart of India, Delhi, favors candidates of all ages wanting to start a new life. Whether you are working since 15 years or 15 days, there is a job for you here. The factors making it an ideal place to work runs between the climate and nightlife to the availability of a variety of unconventional job roles and a great pay.

This has led to a high employment rate in 2012-13 with over 57.06 Lac of people employed as cited by the trending economics website. The myriad of options and a platform to get paid for passion has made Delhi an active job market.

The announcement of Delhi as the first smart city of India has created a rise in skilled working population even more prominent here.

Delhi is one of the few cities that are not dominated by any one job market.  While the Film City area in Sector 16 is dominated by media and entertainment houses, Okhla has manufacturing units in abundance and Gurgaon has a mix of pioneers in the IT and advertisement market segment.

Overall, the city has a mix of job types that one can choose to work in. Here is a short list of industries that are presently witnessing many takers in the city. You can either work in one of these industries or start your own venture under the umbrella.

Take a look…

  1. Renewable Energy

With the news of ‘world coming to an end’ doing rounds every year, it has become important to take care of earth now more than ever. A study by the Delhi government has shown the impact of fast and constant utilization of resources by Delhites on the city. It also mentions the plans Delhi Govt. has to prevent environment degradation.

With our honorable environment minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar working to protect environment in all segments, renewable energy industry has seen a major boom. This is one of those few industries, which along with giving high returns, gets the maximum government support.

Working in this field will not only get you a great pay but also the satisfaction of working for the earth

Types of Job:

There are plenty of options if you are looking for a job in renewable energy sector. Product Developer, Marketing, Research, Corporate Consultants.

  1. The Taxi Market

There are 53,739 taxis in Delhi ranging from radio taxis, economy radio taxi, tourist taxi and taxi. The areas that uses maximum taxi services is South Delhi followed by Gurgaon.

The market is currently following 4 models of operation, which the job seekers can enter into:

  • Unorganized Market: It comprises of 88 – 92% of the taxi market. The key players of this model are Individual owners, small operators, pre-paid taxis and taxi stands
  • Radio Cabs: It comprises of 4 – 5% of the taxi market. The key players are Meru cabs, easy cabs, mega cabs and TAB cab.
  • Affiliator: It follows garage to garage model. The key players of this model are TaxiGuide, Savaari, Cab24X7 and TaxiPixi.
  • Aggregator: It comprises of 0.5% of the taxi market. The key players are Uber, Ola Cabs, and Taxi for Sure, Bookmycab.

With the growing demand for taxis, and considering the pressure driving creates in the mind of people living in metros, this service industry is here to stay and grow.

Types of Job: Cab Drivers, Telephone Operator for Service, App developer for making taxi centric apps

  1. The Online Industry

Social media, e commerce, e learning, e banking and every other e thing has become the talk of the town. People are now online more than they have ever been. With the virtual world shifting from Desktop to Laptop to Phone to Microwave to Shoes, the online world is creeping into everyone’s life very quickly.  Delhi is soon becoming the hub of Online Industry with portals like for getting information on education, Google for the sea full of information functioning in Delhi and surrounding areas.

From Barack Obama’s campaign promotion to Mr. Narendra Modi’s use of social media to reach the public, everyone is online. Irrespective of whether a company is in healthcare or manufacturing, if a company does not want to get lost in the crowd, they have to be online. For this they need people to keep the brand name active in the viewer’s minds.

While going up, internet industry will also take the Telecom sector with it by hand; so it is time one look for a job in this overnight emerging industry.

Types of Job:

It is easy to find a job in online marketing in Delhi. With the right skills, you can easily work in these fields: SEO jobs, Content Writing, Email Marketer, Brand evangelists, Reputation Manager, Social Media Managers.

The opportunity to explore unconventional job markets like those mentioned above and finds jobs based on passion more than education, has marked Delhi yes in city filters of all the leading job portals. With so many sub-markets, it is not difficult to find a job in this city, as long as you are fit for the job and are looking at the right places.