The global job market is very competitive and at every turn stands a new challenge and a yardstick bigger than the last one. You have all right stuff with you; education, degrees, professional experience and a winning resume, still you are reaching nowhere. Have you ever thought about sitting down and probing deep in to what is going wrong? If your answer is No, then hold on and take a look at the strategies that you are implementing in your job search.

You are sending across resumes, meeting with people and following up with hiring managers and there is only one answer that you are getting to hear and that is, “We will get back to you”.

Here is a list of approaches that is knocking the block of your job search off:

  1. Flocking Job Boards ‘ONLY’

The foremost and the biggest mistake of your life can be making use of job boards only for your employment hunting story. For every single job vacancy, apart from you; there can be at least 5 more interested people. To make sure you hit the ‘bull’s eye’ use less flocked platforms like Linkedin where for every job vacancy, you can find your own internal source or people who can help you get in that job.

  1. Randomly Mailing Out Resumes to Companies

This is another worst job search technique that can hamper your chances of getting selected anywhere. It is very important to understand your true skills and then only you can gauge a better industrial sector for you. There are job seekers who out of sheer desperation mail across resumes to every second company falling under any industrial sector. This is a red alert for all you job seekers out there; it’s a waste of time as recruiters will not be taking you seriously and may reject your candidature. Research well and then apply.

  1. Following the ‘Ask and Ye Shall Receive” Rule

There is a fine line between a professional job applicant and a desperate creature that make repeated calls to the recruiter asking for vacancies. You should try not to cross the line and it is better for your own self to be a thorough professional even if you aren’t in a job. Repeated calls can be perceived as nagging and your chances of getting selected may trim down.

The best advice is to follow up with emails and that too within a time frame of good number of days.

Here’s what recognized Global Surveys have to say on these tactics:

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  1. Approaching Private Employment Agencies

Private Employment Agencies generally have tie-ups with big and small firms and through them only the latter source effective workforce. Sometimes, the vacancy that these agencies share with you may sound like a ‘goldmine in the backyard’ sort of but in reality it comes out to be a simple and an underpaid option. The employment agencies have targets that they need to meet and this professional requirement may ask them to project a small thing in a bigger frame so as to make a better workforce available to the companies.

The best solution is to research well about the company that the agency offers you and then gauge the weightage of the vacancy available.

  1. Not Understanding the Clientele Served

You might be looking out for a job in a foreign country and mails along with a detailed cover letter may be the first and foremost savior you are assured to come across. Countries like Middle East, Europe and Asia regard their cultural roots above their lives and therefore, it is necessary that you understand a little part of it before applying. The job search may involve telephonic conversations or email writings and using the incorrect tone of language or not greeting the recruiter properly can be a serious social faux pass.

Make sure you are a little culturally aware before you hit the ‘Submit’ button on the job board and ready to take on the conversations with hiring managers of different nationality.

The Verdict

Searching a job is not an easy task; neither can it be boiled down to a special perfect formula. But yes, if you eliminate the wrong ‘blood sucking’ tactics from the job hunt plan; you can assuredly make your path less arduous and straight enough to reach the destination.

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