To get a perfect balance between your working conditions and mental health is actually impossible. An individual can only strive to get the balance as perfect as possible. It is broadly accepted that the psychological and social conditions that exist at a given workplace can have an effect on mental health. An Increase in pressure on working people to be flexible and more productive have a negative effect on mental health of the workers.
Physiological and sociological risk factors at work that might have an influence on mental health need to be understood in order to take control of these factors and to try and eliminate, cancel or minimize them in order to balance your working conditions and mental health.

* The amount of psychological support that a worker get from co- workers, supervisors and the company’s strategies to enhance workers mental health is important. Workers that feel that they have psychological support at work tend to have a feeling of belonging and that is very positive in general.

* Culture at the organization. Is there a culture of honesty and trust with fairness from management and supervisors or not?

* Clear leadership and expectations where all tasks is clear and regular feedback are given have a positive effect on employers.

* A workplace where co-workers, supervisors and management have respect for each other and treat each other in a civil way have a positive effect on the workers mental health

* Does the kind of work and the place where the work are done, fit with the mental and sociological abilities of the employee.

* How much, if all are the employees allowed to grow and develop in their work.

* Are productivity recognized and awarded by the organization. The effectiveness in which productivity is recognized and awarded will have an influence on the employee’s ability to perform.

* Are the employee involved in decision making and what influence does the employee have? Some organizations have a policy where workers are directly involved in decision making.

* Are the workload of the employee accurately managed or does he have a feeling of hopelessness every time he arrive at work.

* How good or bad are the employee’s personal relationship and attitude towards the organization and co-workers.

*What are the balance between work, personal life and family?

* Is the physical safety of employees taken into consideration and are measures in place to optimize safety. Ehic renewal is very important, as a part of safety, to feel at ease in the workplace.

* Can the employee handle stress at the workplace or does he have mechanisms in place to curb it.

To create a balance between your working conditions and mental well-being, all of these influences must be carefully scrutinized. The work must be evaluated according to these points and then the employee must think how he can either make the bad ones better or develop a way to deal with it. Another way is to try and get your company to improve regarding certain of these points if possible.
In the end it is the employee’s responsibility to be happy, positive, constructive and productive at work. As long as that is in place and stress are minimized then mental health at the workplace can be balanced and enhanced.

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